Steel Tooling Services

Acropolis Studios provides a complete, integrated steel tool development cycle designed to simplify and speed up the process from initial product concept to production ready steel tooling.

Using CAD/CAM services in conjunction with our talented design and modelmaking staff, Acropolis Studios has developed a 6-step process to assist steel tooling efforts.  Our process eliminates redundancies between the design, sample and tooling departments by creating an accurate, 3D prototype of the final part for approval before the first steel tool is cut.

Using our 6-step process, Acropolis Studios provides complete steel tooling service or can partner with your in-house resources to develop the process, tools and final products needed.

Step 1 – Design Development
Working with supplied project specifications, our design team develops

2-dimensional artwork illustrating the final product. Manufacturing constraints are then addressed and illustrations explaining critical interpretive elements are provided.

Step 2 – Digital Illustration
Utilizing our CAD systems, the product is constructed in the digital realm.  Acknowledging critical manufacturing concerns such as tool release angles and undercuts, the provided digital illustration accurately represents the appearance of the final product.  A tremendous advantage of our CAD systems is that modifications can be made easily and inexpensively.
Step 3 – Approval Model
From the approved digital illustration, a wax or plastic prototype is quickly produced using Acropolis Studios’ CNC mills. The milled prototype is produced using the same cutting tools that will be used to cut the final steel tooling which provides an exact representation of the final production component.  The ability to evaluate the product prototype and make modifications before steel is cut eliminates expensive tooling changes.


Step 4 – CNC Milling Files
Once finalized and approved, the digital files are transferred to the toolmaker as a STL or G-Code file.  Our software post-processes to over fifty of the most popular mill specifications ensuring complete compatibility.


Step 5 – Graphite Electrodes
As an alternative to CNC milling files, Acropolis Studios provides graphite electrodes which are sized and cut to your specifications.  With the precision and repeatability of our computer-controlled cutting, multiple electrodes can be produced with extreme levels of accuracy.
Step 6 – Steel Tool Production
Acropolis Studios can also provide production of the completed steel stamping tools. Perfect compatibility of our systems permits a seamless creation of manufacturing ready tooling.


Final Product


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Steel Tooling Services

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