Metal Mold Cutting


Used with high-pressure plastic and wax injection processes, metal molds are unsurpassed in reproducing highly detailed designs.  When precise geometric dimensions, or thinner or lighter components are required, the use of metal molding is recommended.


Acropolis Studios uses our CAD systems and high-precision milling equipment to cut molds into various high-strength materials such as brass and aluminum.  A new, light-weight, durable polymer is available as an optional base material to reduce the weight of larger mold blocks.


By cutting molds into these materials instead of following the decades-old technique of “hobbing” into softer materials, such as bismuth, the metal/polymer molds produced by Acropolis Studios will outlast and out perform soft-formed legacy alternatives. 

As added advantage, the accuracy our computer-controlled cutting process allows mold components to be interchanged which reduces overall tooling expense.


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Metal Mold Cutting

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