Resin and Wax Casting

Acropolis Studios’ in-house, RTV molding service supports both resin casting and wax pattern production.

Our casting technology produces high-precision reproductions in a wide variety of materials and colors.  Traditionally complex patterns are reproduced reliably in single-run, short-run or full-production quantities.

Rotocasting is also offered for production of hollow items.

Wide variety of resins available in solid, translucent and transparent colors

Using our proprietary, custom-engineered wax-injection system, Acropolis Studios provides superior quality wax patterns with unrivaled detail for lost wax and foundry casting, affording production of a superior final product.

A lower-cost alternative to traditional foundry-style casting is now available with
Acropolis Studios’ Faux Metal Solutions.

Applicable to both bas relief and 3-D sculptures, powdered metal is suspended within resin castings, then sanded and polished with traditoinal finishing techniques. The process provides an astonishingly realistic alternative to solid metal casting at a fraction of the cost.


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Resin and Wax Casting

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