Acropolis Studios can provide project prototyping services as a method to quickly compile a visual or working model. The prototype can be approached as either a design prototype, or a product prototype depending on the client’s needs.

A design prototype can be used to quickly “sketch”, in 3-Dimension, a concept or project idea.  This prototype often provides the customer with the information necessary to determine project viability, gain client support of a concept, or provide a visual model for approval or adjustment ahead of more costly tooling.  The prototype can be produced in the actual material anticipated in production, or in an alternative, fast-proofing material.  The advantage of a design prototype is typically the speed at which it can be constructed—most often within a matter of a few days, which allows the customer to react to projects very quickly.

A product prototype is useful when the manufacturing cycle is too lengthy to produce timely samples for advertising photography or sales and marketing presentations.  Acropolis Studios is typically able to provide visual models in the actual materials and finishes that will be employed in the manufacturing process by utilizing a combination of our various manufacturing resources along with our skilled bench artisans, allowing the customers to take advantage of marketing opportunities in advance of production release.


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