The artists at Acropolis Studios have been assisting companies with their product development process to create merchandise superior in design, construction and manufacturability since 1994.  We specialize in serving industries where artistry, intricacy and precision are critical.

The marriage of old-world hand craftsmanship to state-of-the-art computer design and CNC technology defines our work. Our belief is that fine design and aesthetic sensitivity must work together with precision engineering to produce a superior final product.

Acropolis Studios’ services are tailored to specific client needs.  Combining creativity and technical expertise, we are sensitive to the constraints of pricing, manufacturing costs, and production capabilities.  Whether the need is to supplement existing in-house product development efforts or to outsource the entire pre-production process, Acropolis Studios is the best resource for quality, on-time product development services.

No machine can compare with a man’s hands.
Machinery gives speed, power, complete
uniformity, and precision, but it cannot give
creativity, adaptability, freedom, heterogeneity.
These the machine is incapable of, hence the
superiority of the hand, which no amount of
rationalism can negate.  Man prefers the
creative and the free to the fixed and

The machine, of course, came into being for
man’s use and advantage; therefore, we need
not avoid it but should find a way of using it
more cleverly than we have done hitherto.

Soetsu Yanagi
“Toward a Standard of Beauty”


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