CNC Milling – 3 and 4 Axis


Acropolis’ CNC precision milling services feature 3-axis milling, 4-axis rotary milling, indexed milling and double-sided milling.  Our in-house machines afford us the ability to offer quick turn around time.
Our milling services feature .0005-inch repeatability and utilize cutting tools with tips as fine as .002 inches, allowing us to add precision and intricacy to our work. The high precision of our milling operations produce surface qualities and details unmatched by other prototyping processes.


The working envelope for our 3-axis milling equipment is 13-3⁄4 x 17-1⁄4 inches.  Our 4-axis rotary milling output maximum is 21 x 5-1⁄2 inches. Projects that require larger working envelopes can be panelized and assembled in our modelmaking studio.


Acropolis Studios works with various materials depending on manufacturing requirements and customer preference.  Typically acceptable CNC project materials include:

  • Acrylics
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Clay Compositions (including many Chavant formulations)
  • Gold
  • Froggie Board / Urethane Boards
  • Laminated Plastics
  • Lamitex
  • Plexiglass
  • Prototyping Wax (such as Ferris or Kerr modeling wax)
  • Protoyping Boards (such as REN/RAMPF products)
  • Resins
  • Silver
  • Solid Surface Composites (such as Corian)
  • Wood


CNC Milling -3 and 4 Axis

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