Acropolis Studios uses cutting-edge computer design software, 3D scanning systems, 3D printing, photo-realistic digital images and CAM/CNC milling machines to compliment the artistic mastery of our hand craftsmen. The integration with technology offers unrivaled detail and precision.

Various finishes, colors and materials can be easily envisioned
and compared with our photo-realistic, digital images.


With our CAD/CAM systems, textures, complex patterns, and the demands of precise geometry no longer restrict the creative design and modelmaking process.  Logos are easy and exact.  Curved surfaces can be adorned with letters, textures and 3-dimensional designs. We can blend precision geometry into sculptural models.


Digital sculpting comes to life with Acropolis Studios’ haptic computer interface. This exciting touch-sensitive, virtual reality CAD system brings the subtlety and beauty of hand-sculpted elements into the precision world of computer design.

In addition to creating our own digital models, we can utilize client-created 2-D design and 3-D project design files which allow the client very precise control of the final model. Your files or ours, the results are spectacular!


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