3D Scanning


Acropolis Studios’ scanning service creates intricate, digital replications of existing three dimensional objects, which can then be manipulated using our precision CAD/CAM technology and delicate hand modeling and finishing. The process allows objects to be digitally resized, reshaped, mirrored and inverted for unrivaled design flexibility. The resulting digital capture can be combined with other 3D scans and model components to develop a single concept into an extensive product line.


3D scanning of existing objects reduces lead time requirements and increases accuracy in the production of variations of an existing model.  This 3-dimensional “cut-and-paste” system makes development of thematic product lines extremely efficient and creative.    





Our in-house 3-D scanning systems allow original objects of virtually any material from soft clay to hard metallic surfaces to be precisely digitized. The process captures extremely fine detail and form, yet it is not detrimental to the original model in any way.


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3D Scanning

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