3D Printing

Z Corp's 310 Plus 3D printer rounds out our in-house digital-realm capabilities.  With its large 8" x 10" x 8" build box, the printer is ideal for larger scale items, such as vases, platters, bowls and sculptures.

With build speeds to 1 inch per hour and a fine .0035" build layer thickness, Acropolis Studios 3D printing service provides good quality, fast turn-around prototyping.  A 3D print allows cost effective prototypes early in the design process, allowing for more fluid design review and adjustment.

Acropolis Studios has developed a custom infiltration system for curing green prints which permits ease of bench finishing and hand detailing.  Combined with the talents of our modelmaking staff, Acropolis Studios' 3D prints can be turned into world class master models.


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3D Printing

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